Eben GOODALE is interested in how behavior, particularly communication, affects the interactions between species, and how knowledge about such interactions can be integrated into conservation plans. Much of his work has been done on birds in Sri Lanka, but he has also conducted bird research in India, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and China, and has worked on aspects of communication in bees. He enjoys teaching, and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in introductory biology, biodiversity, evolution and ecology at four institutions in the United States, and organized workshops in experimental design and statistics in Sri Lanka, PNG and China. His overall objective is to positively impact biodiversity conservation, in part by raising awareness about animals’ behavior and ecology, and in part by encouraging the next generation of scientists. His CV can be accessed here, and he can be reached by e-mail at eben.goodale@outlook.com.

Long CV: Eben-Goodale-CV.pdf