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New in the Lab:  Graduation 2019

After a busy summer, and now the start of a new semester, we pause to congratulate our graduates in June, 2019: Chao He, Tharaka Priyadarshana, and Qiao Xie!

Here they are after successfully defending their Masters thesis projects on ecotoxicology (Chao), agroecology (Tharaka), and behavioral ecology (Qiao). Defense committee included: Madhava Meegaskumbura, Luke Gibson (SUSTech), Uromi Goodale, Guofeng Jiang, Christos Mammides, and Alison Wee. Also in the picture: Xijian Liang, who successfully defended her thesis on plant genomics, guiding by Joeri Strijk; Aiwu Jiang (Qiao’s advisor) and Eben Goodale (Chao and Tharaka’s advisor).

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经过了一个繁忙的夏季,我们又迎来了新的学期,让我们在此祝贺我们课题组六月毕业的三位硕士生研究生:何超,Tharaka Priyadarshana,谢乔。

这张图片是他们成功通过硕士毕业论文答辩后的合照。何超 (一排中) 的论文关于生态毒理学,Tharaka (一排右三) 的论文关于农业生态学,谢乔 (一排左三) 的论文关于行为生态学。答辩委员会成员包括:Madhava Meegaskumbura (二排左三), Luke Gibson (南方科技大学) (二排左二), Uromi Goodale (二排右一), 蒋国凤 (一排右一) , Christos Mammides (二排右二), Alison Wee (一排右二)。图片中也有Joeri Strijk博士的硕士生梁熙健 (一排左二),她的毕业论文是关于分子植物学;谢乔的导师蒋爱伍博士 (二排左一);何超和Tharaka的导师Eben Goodale教授 (一排左一)。


Welcome to the Behavioral & Community Ecology, Conservation Biology Group, College of Forestry, University of Guangxi!

We are interested in studying aspects of animal behavior and community ecology that have implications for conservation, especially for tropical and subtropical China.


Eben Goodale
Professor, PI, Behavioral and Community Ecology, Conservation Biology
Office 519, College of Forestry, Guangxi University,
No. 100 Daxue Road, Nanning, Guangxi 530005, People’s Republic of China
E-mail: eben.goodale@outlook.com 
Cell phone: (+86) 18174128262

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Eben Goodale (高德)教授/研究组组长
广西南宁市大学路100号广西大学林学院519室。 邮编:530005.
电邮: eben.goodale@outlook.com 
手机: 18174128262

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Our lab group in the beginning of September 2017 -- 2017年初我们实验组
2017年初我们实验组 -- Our lab group in the beginning of September 2017

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